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Accountability Group Coaching

Each month I hold a private accountability group on Facebook for women.  This group is designed to help you succeed in your health and wellness, body confidence, mental awareness, self love and manifestation. 


In these groups, myself and another coach teach you:


-How to eat for success

-How to properly "treat yourself"

-What workouts are best for your body type and goals

-Why personal development is so important

-How to turn intentions into action steps 

-How to fill up your own cup daily

-What to do if you fall off track

There are a few requirements to join the group:

-Exercise 3-6 days per week with our at home workouts.  There are over 700 workouts for you to choose from daily that you can stream from your tv, phone or computer. 

-Drink an all natural and holistic daily shake as one of your meals or snacks to help you gain energy and focus, lose body fat, and become healthier.

-Participate on the Facebook page.  The energy in our group is on fire!  But that is because everyone lifts one another up if there are any struggles, posts sweaty selfies to encourage each other to workout, inspires one another with positive quotes, shares our healthy meals and recipes and finally, posts our intentions and goals for the week.  

We would LOVE to have you! 

Please contact me via the contact page or Meeting of the Minds Contact Form