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1.  What coaching credentials do you have?

*Certified by the Life Coaching School at The Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching Academy

*Licensed personal trainer through the National Personal Training Institute (certified in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, nutrition)                                                                                                         

* HKC (Hard Kettlebell Certification)                                                                                            

*Crossfit Certified                                                                                                                                   

*PiYo certified                                                                                                                                     

*Mat Pilates certified.

2.  What are your specialties?

My strong suites to help find your truth are in (but not limited to):  Self-image, self-empowerment, self-sabotage, belief systems, eating disorders, raising the energetic field, manifesting desires, reality recreation, finding balance, nutrition and fitness.

3.  How are you different from a therapist or psychologist?

 A therapist helps with deep seeded issues and trauma, and often gives solutions to specific problems.  A life coach helps their clients find the answers themselves, through asking layering questions and having them engage in techniques that reveals the solutions naturally.  I work with how my clients feel in that moment, or that particular day, with no expectation or rules about the “right way to be.”   As a coach, I help my clients define and set goals, as well as gain clarity on the issues that hold them back.  My emphasis is on your overall happiness, living your truth and looking at your life in a balanced, holistic way.  

4. How do you get to know me?

I approach coaching with my “Mary Poppins bag.”  Every client will be asked thought provoking questions made to dig deep and find the answer to their situation, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.   Coaching is really dependent on the individual. Together we’ll go through your “client intake history” form, and we may fill out an action grid – figure out the issues in each realm (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) and tackle one by one. 

5.  What does weekly coaching look like?

Every week we’ll use tools, techniques and methodologies to help you reach your goals.  There is not one solid plan for everyone, so each session may be completely different depending on your mood, productivity, and progress.  However, over our time together we will touch on all four systems that when balanced, sets your soul on fire: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  And then homework will be assigned weekly, with email check-ins as needed throughout the week.

6. How are you different from other coaches?

I compare coaching to finding the perfect “little black dress.”  What I love for myself may not work for someone else’s body.  You have to put it on, love how you feel, are comfortable and just know that it clicks with the vibe you are going for.  When it comes to choosing a coach, I advise people to “go with your gut” and make sure you feel comfortable.  The vibe just clicks.  

I am extremely open, relatable, will give you a safe place to unravel your concerns and handle your beliefs with care.
But as a coach, I am not buttoned up!  I kid around sometimes, and - it’s still professional.  We’re going to do deep and life changing work, so I honor that with compassion and empathy, but I also approach coaching with some goofiness/humor when appropriate.  Life is too short to pretend to be something I’m not.

Above all, I tailor coaching to the individual.  We’ll look at how you process information, what makes your inner light shine birghtest, how you view the world, etc to create solutions that are just as unique as you are.

7.  What is an intuitive session and how does it work?


An Intuitive session is when I am able to tap into a higher realm and receive information for you that is of your highest good.  I ask that you come prepared with a list of questions that can help you improve yourself and/or the world around you.  Your spirit guides and my guides come together to help answer the questions you may have while I am in a meditative state and present the answers to you.  

8.  I’m scared.  I want to do this, but I’m afraid to get started.

Fear let’s us know when we should be paying attention! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  I believe that if you’re reading this right now and you want to conquer something inside of you, then this is a sign.

You are stronger than you know.  All the answers are within you, and my job is to help you uncover those truths.  I’m always happy to chat for a bit on the phone about the process and what’s holding you back, and give you an idea of what I’m like to work with (no stressful sales pitches, I promise).  Check out the "Meeting of the Minds" package in Services.

9.  What if I want a specific service, but I don't see it on your website?

Contact me!  Just because it is not on the website, does not mean I do not do it.  I have done many different customized services such as created triathlon schedules, cleared energy from houses, spoke publicly at local gyms and holistic events, etc.  

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.