"Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, you change your life." 

The mental system consists of thoughts that essentially derive from two opposing mindsets- a love based mindset and a fear based mindset.


Love based thoughts allow to you stand in the truest nature of your highest self. There you live in a state of expansion, acceptance, and truth. Your mind frame feels really good, you see the world in a positive way and you help lift others up. Loving thoughts are contagious in your mind and by sharing them outwardly as well. Love based thoughts create the emotions of freedom, gratefulness, and joy.


It is my mission to help you live in a space of love based thoughts as continuously as possible. Love based thoughts come when you debunk the negative, are caring towards yourself and have a willingness and desire to be happy and spread joy. Imagine how the world would be if we all raised our consciousness to love ourselves more and one another.


Fear based thoughts pull you away from the truest form of who you are, therefore, you are living in a state of contradiction, contraction, and going against your own beliefs. Essentially, you will find yourself roaming around in your mind wondering why things are not turning out the way you had hoped and wondering why you aren't experiencing happiness. Fear most often manifests into emotions such as anxiety, worry, anger, hate, pessimism, doubt, and unworthiness.


However, the good news is that you can absolutely learn how to control your fear based thoughts and drown out the negativity holding you back in your life. If you are experiencing thoughts that are contradictory to the life you truly want to live, these next couple bullet points will help you. The power lies in realizing a couple key points:


-The thoughts you focus on expand and create the reality in which you live in

-Understand what fear based thoughts you are having 

-Realize you are in control of your thoughts

-Know that you have the ability to perceive your thoughts in a different way

-You hold the power to rewrite your story any time you want


Your thoughts are building blocks of everything that you have experienced in your past, all the judgements you have made and heard, the belief systems you have been told to hold or have picked up along your way, and all of the failures or successes you have witnessed. Each time you "upload" a new thought, it gets stacked on top of all the others- unless you break down all the thoughts that do not serve you and get rid of them.  Here are some great exercises you can do to release old thoughts that are not serving you and bring forth ones that actually do:

-When you have a new thought that is about yourself, does it make you expand and smile or contract and want to run away from yourself?  If you answered "expand," please stop and acknowledge it.  Take a deep breath and allow the positive feelings to grow from within.  Write it down in your journal and sit with these positive feelings.  Let them illuminate.  You my friend have just allowed your soul to speak.  Acknowledge how good that feels and give yourself permission to have love based conversations with yourself more.   

If it makes you contract and you realized you are judging yourself with these "gunk" filled thoughts, first, please forgive yourself.  Sit with your negative thought and find the root.  Journal about it or daydream.  Where did it come from?  Trace it back- it usually goes back all the way to your childhood or from someone else's trigger.  Think of another perspective of that thought, but in the complete opposite form.  How can it actually serve you and teach you a lesson? 

Now, it is time to engage in a visualization technique.  This is very powerful and associated with energy- because thoughts are energy.


I want you to separate your "gunk" from yourself and see it in front of you. I want you to sit with it for a second as if you are allowing it to take it’s own form- acknowledge it. Tell that thought, memory, doubt, or message (whatever your gunk is) that it does not resonate with you any longer. You are not able to serve it’s purpose anymore.


Now give that “gunk” a big old care bear stare.


Burst it with love, acceptance, kindness, and truth out of your heart. Imagine yourself surrounding your "gunk" with pink loving light. Keep showering that pink light from the core of who you are to the core of it’s presence. Do this for as long as you feel necessary. As you are bursting your gorgeous intentional light on it, you will start to visualize the gunk disintegrate and will feel it vanish away from you.  Watch it diminish into the ethers.  Say goodbye.  Then I want you to invite a beautiful violet ray into your aura. This violet color is known as the violet flame. The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy that frees every particle of energy it touches- it literally knocks out any negative debris from your energy and causes electrons to spin. This changes our  vibrations to a more positive frequency for our energetic force field to keep vibrating high.


I mean- how cool is that?! Have the intention that the violet flame is flushing out all the left over debris from the gunk that you removed from your being. Take a deep breathe. And feel into your energy without it weighing you down. 


Now, can I call you my Care Bear friend? Because I have always wanted to be a part of a pack that gives epic care bear stares!

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