My Story

If you would like to hear my story and gain insight about my mission, please to watch the interview above.

I am Julie Kraus


A creative entrepreneur who brings a beautiful mix of offerings to help you blossom into your mind, body, and spirit.  Either one at a time, or all at once.


My heart radiates most when I am being of service to others, expressing myself through movement or writing, connecting to my spirituality, hiking in nature, practicing emotional fitness, playing with my son, spending time with my husband over a glass of pinot noir, and nibbling on a piece of chocolate after a fulfilling green salad.  


Personal development and connecting inward showed me what makes my heart radiate.  Feeling solid about who you are, what you want, and how to navigate your feelings is the most freeing and verifying emotion you can have in a relationship with yourself.  


But I didn’t always experience this.  Growing up I struggled with with myself- on all levels.  


I was an intuitive empath, but had no idea what that was or meant.

I felt disconnected from many people and did not understand why.

I was emotionally unfulfilled and struggled with an eating disorder.

I had an autoimmune disease and battled feeling sick, more often than I want to admit.  


After years of trying to navigate my way through life, stumbling and picking myself back up, I realized I did a few things right.  I noticed that when I made a move that was positive for me, I felt good.  Life just fit- and I wanted to multiply that feeling.  


First, I started with my body. 

“Our physical bodies are a manifestation of what is happening on the inside.”


I suffered from an eating disorder because I felt out of control with my feelings and that was one thing I could control- my food.  I  finally realized that when I worked out, I could release all the emotions that were not serving me.  So I would use kickboxing and my breath to expel pain and anger.  I would use yoga and long hip opening exercises to get rid of sorrow.  This was serving my empathic self and in turn, made my body healthier and stronger.  When I ate natural foods that tasted like candy and focused on nutrients rather than calories, my body healed- from my eating disorder and my autoimmune disease.  Foods from the earth serve us more than we know.  


Then I started to focus on my mind.

“Your thoughts create your reality.”


I started to notice that what I was focusing on, increasingly grew.  The more lonely I felt, the more alone I became.  The more I disliked what I saw in the mirror, the more I abused myself with words.  But the more I liked my writing, the more meaningful pieces I wrote.  So I started to flip my thought patterns and find beauty in my pain.  I decided to see my weeds as flowers and treat them as such.  Soon I was looking for the good in myself more often than the negative.


And finally, connection to my spirit followed. 

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”


The more personal development, writing, reading, and yoga I did, the more I was paying attention to my energy.  I learned that thoughts and emotions are energy.  And our soul is energy.  If I could connect to my soul’s energy than I could meet myself at it’s purest level- which does not struggle with it’s thoughts and emotions.  I started to meditate every day.  With this practice, my life drastically shifted.  I started to heal myself on a cellular level.  My intuition (that I always had hints of growing up- and was gifted a stronger intuitive ability from my Grandmother) exploded and now I help others through my intuitive connection. 


By personally working on my mind, body, and spirit, I found my inner light.  I then realized this was my life calling- to understand how to deepen the mind, body, and spirit connection so I can help other’s through their blossoming journey and accept their inner light as well:  


-I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and owned/operated my own personal training studio

-I am a certified life coach and specialize in spiritual and lifestyle coaching

-I help others understand their spiritual journey and upgrade their energy with my intuitive abilities 

I thrive on assisting people to come into their own.  Understanding who you are and accepting every inch of yourself is the most thrilling and expansive journey.  Yet, you almost always want someone there to believe in you and have your back- I am that person. 


My guidance is your intuition spoken out loud.      


Please browse around my little corner of the internet and click the contact button if you would like to connect.

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