Energetic Upgrade

Energetic Upgrades are a magical two step process! 


I first meditate on your energy, starting two days before we meet, for three separate sessions- all ten minutes in length.  You are not present for this, but I do ask for a current picture and your full name to help me tap in to your energy.  I make notes as to what I see in your energy field and current life.  Sometimes loved ones who have passed over have some messages for you as well- please ask them to be present during our time together if you’d like to speak with them!


When we meet, I ask you a couple simple questions on what you would like to achieve, manifest or have clarity on.  Many times the information I received in my meditation on my own time is what you need to hear to help you along your journey.  Throughout the session and after a bit of life coaching together, you leave with a list of action steps that will help propel you forward in your life.


Once you start to put your list in to action, newness will step in to your life and you will start to flourish- hence upgrading your energy!  

**Gift certificates are now available!**

Email me letting me know that you purchased an Energetic Upgrade reading and that it is a gift, the address you want it sent to (or that you will be picking it up) and if you want a special message written on it. **

Important notes for clients:


Sessions can be done in person, over zoom or over the phone.  You are welcome to audio record the session or for an extra fee ($25) I can type up and send you the notes from my meditation via email.  


Sessions are 60 minutes in length as I set a timer at the beginning of our session.  With five minutes remaining I ask if you have one last question to wrap up the reading.   


Please invest in the Energetic Upgrade at least 48 hours before we meet.  If you do not show up during our session, your money is unfortunately nonrefundable as I mediated on your energy beforehand.


If you need to reschedule your time, please do so with at least 48 hours of notice to your scheduled Energetic Upgrade (before I start to meditate on your energy).


My time slots are mostly in the evening (5, 6, 7pm) and Saturday and Sunday mornings (9, 10, 11am).

Disclaimer: During your Energetic Upgrade, you may be given advice and action steps by Julie and your Spirit Team. You are fully responsible for any choices you make. By working with Julie, you agree that she is not a substitute for medical, legal, tax or financial advice from a qualified and licensed professional. Thank you for your understanding.

Cost $150


Julie has helped me more than I ever could have imagined! Her gifts have comforted me through a dark time and have helped me to heal, but even more profound is that my experience with Julie has truly lead me to a whole different way of thinking about my life and has truly been the catalyst for me to finally pursue my dreams and fulfill my potential. I have created healthier habits and learned so much about myself with her insight and guidance; its absolutely priceless. She is so comforting to talk to and I wish i could be with her every day! I have referred her to many friends and family members and everyone has had such a special and meaningful experience, I know Julie is someone that I will continue to work with throughout my journey! 




Never have I experienced anything like Julie and the amazing gifts she has to offer!  Not only did I feel comfortable within minutes of meeting her- truly, one look into her eyes and you are completely calm and fully collected- but I could feel how safe and loved I was in her presence.  Her soothing voice and extremely kind nature laid the foundation to the time we were about to share together.  In that time she was able to offer clear, on-point spiritual guidance through my Energetic Upgrade session.  She answered questions before I could ask them, and confidently gave sound suggestions based on what she saw/ felt, which made a huge difference once I applied them.  I have met with Julie multiple times and refer her to family and friends as often as I can!!  I believe it is THIS work, HER work that can help heal the world one person at a time.  She cares so deeply for everyone she comes into contact with and her clients are incredibly adored!  When I speak of Julie I always say, “It’s as though she is made of LOVE and LIGHT…”  and that is how I will always see her and the amazing gifts she provides through her spiritual and health + wellness work.  There is no one like this magnificent soul and you will fully understand once you work with her too! I highly recommend you book your appointment ASAP because this woman is where it’s at!!  


A few weeks ago I got the privilege of meeting with Julie via video chat to do a “reading” and my God, it has left me with such peace of mind.  I inquired about Julie’s services after suffering for years with anxiety and feeling emotionally and spiritually “stuck”. I lost faith in myself after losing my father and was desperate to feel his presence again - to move through this season of my life. I was nervous - not skeptical - but very, very nervous and Julie was so kind and patient with me throughout the entire process. She even checked in after our session to see how I was feeling. But during that session, not only did she connect with my father... she brought so much clarity and a deeper understanding of what was happening around me. That feeling of desperation that once lingered, was now replace with light and love. 

This experience was life altering for me and I will forever live in gratitude for the time, care and connection that Julie provided. An earth angel, for sure. ✨


Julie, I want to take a moment to express to you my, our, appreciation of your sharing your gift with us. When one comes to a crossroad in their life questions arise. In our case I reached out to you for help in clarifying my feelings to a life long friend who was suddenly more than that for me. His wife was one of my best friends and my husband one of his.   No one was more surprised by these new feelings than the two of us. But was it right to feel this way, morally and importantly with those we have loved and lost?  Your connection with both spouses during our session was so on target that it blew me away. I was so happy and relieved with my session, I asked him to try a session for himself.  He agreed. He too found some answers to his questions and was relieved from any quilt, misplaced or not, that he felt.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and helping us get to a road that we hope will be long and filled with rainbows and love.


Today I had a personalized energetic upgrade with Julie and it totally blew my mind. She started off asking me what area of my life I wanted to focus on and from there she asked one or two broad questions about that subject. From that quick conversation she managed to get three pages of notes and solutions for the problems I was experiencing in that area of my life. These notes were also not general suggestions- she was giving me specific dietary suggestions, vitamins I should be taking, crystals I should be using, and chakras I should be focusing on. What was even more exciting was that everything she brought up had been something I was thinking about for the past month and had either been unmotivated to work on or wasn’t sure if it was the right path for me. I had been feeling stuck and this session really helped to push me out of my funk because she gave me a clear path with things I needed to work on and change up in my routine. It was a seriously remarkable experience.



I'm a big believer that people come in to your life for a reason. Julie and I went to the same high school but never crossed paths. It wasn't until last year that I reached out to her via Facebook for health and fitness advice that we connected and met face to face. Fast forward a year and a half and watching her grow and expand both professionally and personally has been awe inspiring. Julie is full of magic, and that was once again confirmed during our high vibration (energetic upgrade sessions) session today. I highly recommend this service if you need confirmation or guidance when it comes to manifesting your destiny.


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