October Favorites!

I can't figure out if October or December (because of the holidays) is my most preferred month out of the whole calendar year, but because we are in the thick of October, I am going to tell you what my favs have been. And by "favs" I mean my favorite things I have been using, doing, and eating as of late to give me a little lifestyle upgrade.

You see, Health with Julie is centered around what you can do to make yourself feel good on the inside, outside and the environment around you. All of these products have helped me in one way or another- big or small- and I am all about sharing the goods when something awesome comes my way.

Ironically, some of these products will be given to the winner of the Inside Out Challenge in their Highlight Your Glow Package!

My go-to workouts as of late are:

-PiYo- I have not given PiYo up and I don't think I ever will. This workout has changed my life. If you want flexibility, strength, endurance, and cardio all mixed in to one, then this is what you need. PiYo totally changed my body. If you want to hear more, please ask or click this link: PiYo Kit

-Walking- I have made it a priority to get outside at least 3 times per week to walk or run. I have been really enjoying long walks though while letting the sun hit my face (it's like free vitamin D and free therapy). Being outside is so good for the soul. I encourage you to get outside for some fresh air as much as you can.

-Yoga- Every single morning I have been waking up and doing 5-30 minutes of free style stretching or a yoga flow and it has made my body so incredibly happy. My advice to you is to slide out of bed onto your bedroom floor and do light stretches upon waking up. It clears your mind, gives your body some love and sets you up for a positive day. You can always check out the two free weeks of BOD (from this email)and do their at home yoga workouts, which are amazing, or sign up for three juicy weeks of yoga here: 3 Week Yoga Retreat

I have been eating these items lately and they make me feel so good!:

-Silk Almond Milk Creamer- I got into a little obsession with coffee about a month ago... and started breaking out. I linked it to the caffeine in the coffee and the dairy/sugar in the creamer I was using. I then decided to drink decaf coffee only a couple times per week with an almond milk creamer in it.. what do you know... all things are well in the world again. I highly recommend Silk Almond Milk Creamer- it tastes great and it's so much better for you. You can find this at any food store.

-Larabar and Rx bars- These are just really great portable snacks. They are a bit higher in healthy fat, but I found that healthy fat helps control my hunger. Any flavor that has chocolate, peanut butter or sea salt in it is my go to. You can find these in any supermarket.

-Shakeology- I am sure everyone knows how in love I am with Shakeology, but I have some new friends on the email list (hello!) and I wanted to give this product a shout out once again. It has helped my husband lose 30lbs, has given me more energy, aided in my body fat loss as well, and gives us a super healthy portable breakfast. One scoop is the equivalent to eating 5 salads. How's that for a dense nutrition shake?! If you are interested in hearing more, please reply to this email or check out this link Click here for shakeology information

-MCT oil- MCT oil is medium chain triglycerides and found in coconut oil. It helps improve your memory, boosts your metabolism and gives you energy. I use it in my smoothies almost daily (just a tablespoon) and I find it is helping me feel pretty darn good. Click here for MCT Oil

-Kale and zucchini- I have been sautéing kale almost every day (loving it with eggs) and putting fresh zucchini into my smoothies. You don't even taste it! Remember I would put fresh spinach in my smoothies? Well, this took it's place for the time being. Heck, I should just put both in...

I found some new to me products to use on my face/body that I just have to share because they are so great:

-Seed Phytonutrients- This local company (based out of Doylestown) is "Farmer Fresh and Seed Obsessed". They press oil out of seeds grown from local farms and make amazing skin and hair care products out of the oils. I don't believe they officially launch until the new year, but I had a chance to try their products and I am in love. Keep an eye on them or check them out here. Link to Seed Phytonutrients

-Rose Face Mist- This stuff is amazing. I spray it on my whole face as soon as I get out of the shower. It is refreshing, light, and hydrating. It use it right before I put jojoba oil on my skin. Click here to check out the Rose Face Mist

-Jojoba oil- I use this as my face moisturizer after I spritz the rose mist on my skin. I use about a dime size and pat it into my face and then let it dry. Jojoba oil acts as your natural sebum so it prevents your face from becoming too oily, yet it helps keep your face perfectly moisturized. Jojoba Oil

I have been obsessed with using all natural cleaning supplies lately:

-Meyers Cleaning Supplies- I have been using them for the past 2 weeks now and I am in love. The honeysuckle scent I swoon over and use this for my surface cleaning and hand washing. Meyers Honeysuckle Hand Wash

-Thieves essential oils- Thieves is a great essential oil used for a deeper cleaning. Clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils are mixed together for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. You can use this to clean almost anything in your household. From carpets, to using it in the dishwasher to scrubbing dishes down, this stuff is the best. Thieves Essential Oils

So there you have it! All of my favorite October products!


Stay Spooky!


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