Sometimes you have to step outside of your current situation to see how blessed you are.

The other day it was my five year anniversary with my husband. We have not been married for five years, but together for that long (married 2.5 years).

My cousin so sweetly texted me and said, "Happy Anniversary! Have an amazing night!!" with a cute animated image of an excited woman with champagne glasses around her.

I of course smiled large and then chuckled because if she only knew what my night was looking like. I thought she would get a kick out of what my husband and I were doing on our big night together of five years. So I texted her....

"Current description of our night. Me in mismatched pajamas lying under my covers with the biggest pad in the world on (it's that time of the month), pimple cream camouflaging my face and a full ass belly of food, while Mike is lying perpendicular to me in sweat pants talking about ego death and how he isn't ready to release those layers yet (in depth spiritual talk).... meanwhile there is a huuuuuge paint mess off to our left of a large canvas Mike started to paint on and has yet to clean up after himself.

Anniversaries rock. Ha!"

She quickly responded, "AHH!! I love this! That is real f*cking life and real love! Literal relationship goals."

I titled my head for a second at her response. Then I took a step outside of the situation and chose to view it from a standpoint of me being a fly on the wall.

You know, I prayed for that situation about six years ago and I finally have it.

I am blessed.


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