In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to write a little "behind the scenes" blurb about Soul Series, the self guided life coaching tool kit, that launches today.

I developed Soul Series because I had requests to hold another life coaching group just like the one I held last summer, called Transform. Transform was a 12 week intensive group that taught members how to understand their thoughts, feelings and relationships on a deeper level- and that when something is off in your life, it many times manifests itself into your physical world (through sickness, complications with weight, eating issues, and/or digestive issues).

"The transform group was an amazing group that brought together a group of strangers (essentially) and turned us into a unique support system with the realization that we all have a lot more in common than we think. We worked to acknowledge and accept certain obstacles in our lives, create plans of action, and grow! I personally had two huge epiphanies, one with how I reflected my anger and frustrations with myself negatively into my close relationships and secondly how I communicated with my mother. I was able to make positive changes in both of those aspects of my life and I credit Julie and the transform group for that. It also taught me the importance of meditation!!"


After holding the Transform group, I was able to reflect back at what I felt was helpful to the members, continue educating myself, and piece together new transformative information.


Cue in Soul Series.


I wanted Soul Series to be a reusable life coaching self guided tool kit that you can move through at your own pace, yet be engaged enough that you do not want to put it down and stop growing. This tool kit makes you want to dig deep to understand yourself at a conscious and subconscious level. When we choose to fix something that we do not like in our lives, we have to look at the situation in a different way- and that can be hard to manage. Since we've been used to thinking the same way for such a long time, it is helpful to have someone else ask you questions that makes your mind travel into different directions to seek out new answers and options to grow. When we are stuck in an area within our life, we tend to look outside ourselves for the answer. The answer will always lie within you, you just have to have the awareness and the drive to go on a mission of self discovery. Soul Series allows that to happen through worksheets, visuals, charts and breakthrough information offered to you.

I broke up this tool kit into four segments as that is what lies within each of us: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. You have the option to enjoy just one system, or all. Scientifically speaking, you reach wholeness in your life when all four systems are balanced, therefore, I believe it would behoove you to dive deep into all of them.

Going through these processes can be exciting and exhilarating, but also lonely and tough at times. That is why I created a four part webinar and a free/private Facebook group to help you understand that you are not alone, ask questions and have access to a support system.

If you are interested in participating in your self guided tool kit, please look on the drop down menus under Mind, Body, or Spirit on this website. After you purchase your system(s), you will receive a follow up email describing the next steps.

I look forward to hearing your Soul Series testimonial soon!


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