Fresh For Fall! (Accountability Group)

Hiya, Friend!

For two years straight I held an accountability group every single month for anyone who was looking to TRANSFORM their mind, body and spirit.

We would meet daily in the private Facebook group (from our own homes) and post what we did for movement that day, our meals, how we are feeling, etc. There were always a couple health coaches in the group to offer health advice, support, and motivation, but to be honest the motivation really came from everyone participating. It just MADE you want to become better.

After a couple months off it is finally time for me to bring them back. Below is all the information you need to find out why I am bringing it back, how you can participate and what it entails!

Personally you guys, I need some motivation, positivity, and community in my life right now! I work mostly from home, want more interaction, and need to keep moving to stay healthy for this little babe!

The one thing I know to do that gives to others AND gives back to myself is to hold a private challenge group on Facebook! I miss them SO much and I really want to feel my best and FRESH this fall! I am always on my A game when an accountability group is going on. A lot of exciting things are happening- and mind you all the holidays are right around the corner!

Join me?! Let’s lift one another up!

Who wants to see:


-Advice from health coaches

-Uplifting and motivational daily posts

-Healthy and fresh recipes

-Contagious workout content

-Autumn drinks, fall looks, and fun finds

-A little corner of happiness on the internet

-Community with like-minded chicks!

-A big pregnant belly haha!

What I need from you:

-Participation! Follow our workout programs and workout with us (in your own home and at your own time), eat healthy with us, practice becoming happier, engage with the community, etc!

-Be YOU! Come into this group knowing you have a place to shine, let us know when you are having a crummy day so we can lift you up, let go of your fears, and embrace your freshness this fall!!

If you are in, send me an email in the contact tab of this website! This is going to be EPIC! And I don’t use that would slightly. We start Monday, September 24th!

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