Halloween Healthy Snacks! (For yourself, kids, or a part-ay!)

We were invited to a couple fall events and I didn't want to show up empty handed so I started to research fun and festive Halloween treats- healthy of course! I came across these and wanted to share, but I know I am going to make some of them on the regular instead of just waiting around for a function. I'm drooling over them by the way. I have to mention that they are so super easy, quick, and more healthy than your average halloween candy.

Bloody Cups! These vegan and gluten free halloween treats remind me of something a vampire would nosh on. Perfect for a little delicacy and aesthetic look for a Halloween bash food table. And um, hello??.... Who doesn't love a good raspberry filling encased in dark chocolate!


Candy Corn Fruit Parfait. Now this is something that I can see myself eating on the daily leading up to Halloween. It is so super simple that I am not even going to make you click a link. Add pineapple on the bottom of a stemless glass, peel a tangerine and add on top of the pineapple to create your second layer. Follow up with a 1/2 cup of vanilla oikos triple zero greek yogurt. Feeling fancy? Add a squirt of whipped cream and a candy corn on top. Beats the normal sugary stick-to-your-teeth candy corn that only puts weight around your hips, doesn't it?!

Healthy 4 Ingredient Pumpkin Fudge. "This smooth, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin fudge is a healthy snack or dessert using just four ingredients! A simple, no cook recipe which is naturally gluten free, vegan, paleo, refined sugar free and dairy free!" -The Big Man's World


Paleo Apple Bites! How cute are these?! Wanna be the coolest mom around and send your kid to school with these (sans nuts) for his/her Halloween parade?! I just think these would be a huge hit no matter where you serve them- and they are different from the same old caramel apple we are all used to seeing.


Pumpkin Spice Dip. This pumpkin spice Greek yogurt dip is the ultimate healthy snack or dessert recipe for fall. It is ideal for dipping fruit, pretzels, graham crackers or eating on it’s own. I love how greek yogurt is the foundation for some good protein and there are more spices than sugar to flavor the dish.


Maple Pumpkin Fall Harvest Trail Mix. "This maple pumpkin fall harvest trail mix recipe is salty, spicy, and sweet and is the perfect healthy homemade snack recipe for road trips or after school activities." -Slim Pickin's Kitchen.


There you have it, friends! A nice little compilation of delish and festive healthy snacks. Enjoy!

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