Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

I wanted to share with you a couple common mistakes I see people make and then become frustrated when they can not lose weight/tone up. These are a bit more outside the box than your normal, "You aren't eating enough vegetables and fruits" answers.

(This is for your every day choices. Once in a while, we all stray away for a meal or day and that is ok. Just get back on track as soon as you can.)

-Too often people equate exercise with their food intake.

Many people will get in a great workout and think they burned enough calories to justify and "deserve" to fulfill their cravings. Therefore, they go overboard and treat themselves way too much. The truth is... most likely you did not burn enough calories. Try not to think about how many calories you burned and if you can eat this or that. Do not even equate food and exercise. Think of food as one category and fitness as another. You can certainly treat yourself- daily in fact... but in small amounts to keep your mind stable and on track.

-You eat healthy, but sprinkle in TOO much healthy.

If you are drinking shakeology or a smoothie, but are adding in frozen fruits, seeds, nuts, honey, milk, powders and all that jazz, then most likely that shake is going to be upwards to 800 calories. Now I love that it is healthy, but calories add up. Personally, I have been adding in more to my shakes than I ever have before because I am fueling a baby as well, but try cutting back on the toppings and potions a little. Same with yogurt parfaits, oatmeal bowls, salads, etc. Some salads at restaurants are 1,200+ calories!

-Your portion sizes are still a bit too large.

I suggest you eat 5 to 6 small meals per day (about 2-3 hours apart) to keep your metabolism high. If you are not hungry for your next small meal by the time three hours are up, take a look at what you ate prior and how much of it. You most likely ate too much or the meal was very high in fat/calories.

- You eat and drink diet/low fat/low sugar/fake sugary foods and drinks.

Anything that is labeled "diet" or "low" in fat or sugar actually makes you gain weight. Here is why... When you drink diet soda, your tongue tastes sugar, but your brain does not get the "sugar" rush it needs to release a certain chemical called serotonin. Then your brain becomes really confused and that is all it can think about. Within the next couple minutes or hours, you are going to reach for something that truly has sugar (even think of bread, crackers-simple sugars) in it because your brain is not satisfied. You will wind up eating or drinking more than you did in the first place and wind up putting on weight after time. Raise of hands- how many people have eaten more low fat cookies than the serving size just because you were happy with the nutrition facts and felt you could eat more? Yup, those cookies added up. If you stuck to normal cookies, you most likely would have been satisfied (brain and all) with the normal serving size amount.

Do you fall into any of these categories?

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