Feel Spring Chic Without Much Effort

Lately I have been sitting in spit up and sweat pants, however I am determined to spruce myself up and feel good this season. I am sharing my simple game plan to get myself Spring Chic in hopes that my journey may give you a tip or two to incorporate into your own routine. But let's face it- these days I don't have much time so I am simplifying (but upgrading) my routine.

Ginger lemon water- I am bringing this back into my life! Ginger is anti-inflammatory, lemon alkalizes the body and water helps shed weight. This is the perfect hydrating concoction to sip on to help slim down and feel healthy inside and out. Plus it helps give your skin a gorgeous glowy look. Bonus- make sure to drink this in the morning on an empty stomach and right before you fall asleep at night.

Curtsey lunges- I have always said that curtsey lunges accentuate and tone a woman's legs. Whenever I have these in my routine, I am happy with the strength they build and the feminine curves they create. Add these into your routine a couple times per week.

Tricep push ups- PiYo focuses on tricep pushups way more than regular ones. Because I followed that program so closely, it opened my eyes to how much more effective tricep push ups are for strengthening and sculpting my upper body. Not only did I appreciate what they did for the back of my arms, I also saw such a difference in my shoulders. Who doesn't want nice arms and shoulders for spring?!

Coconut Oil chapsticks- I love me some moisturized and glossy looking lips (without the stickiness lip gloss can hold). I found a great coconut oil chapstick that has helped my lips stay hydrated and glowy throughout the winter that I am going to transition it right into the spring. Funny, I don't feel complete without it and the shine it holds. I always have to throw a little on before I leave the house.

Highlighter and blush on cheeks and eyelids- Niki Brennan shared with us the 5 minute face in my last newsletter. She so smartly used highlighter and blush on her cheeks AND eyelids as shadow. This easy color scheme made her features pop without using too many techniques or colors. I have been rocking this easy look and I am in love with the super simple routine and outcome.

All natural nails- I stopped getting pedicures and manicures last summer because I found that my nails were not responding well to polish on them all the time. They needed to breathe. While I miss the pampering, I haven't been minding the all natural look I have been pulling off and am actually finding more and more women are doing the same. Now I just make sure to have them filed nicely and add a super fresh smelling lotion on at all times to feel pampered in a different way. It honestly feels freeing believe it or not!

Maxi dresses- Two summers ago I challenged myself to wear more relaxed dresses instead of shorts and tanks during the weekend. I actually loved it so much and found myself feeling more put together while fussing less about what to wear. I found that if you have just a couple cute maxi dresses, but different accessories (chunky jewelry, jean jackets/vests, camisole) you can switch up the look so easily without breaking the bank! This season, I am pulling out the maxi dresses again and am so looking forward to it.

Cheers to your super chic look this spring!

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