Mother's Day Gifts

I feel like I am overcome with emotion as I sit to write this Success Secret. I remember when Wesley was just about three weeks old, I stood exhausted in the middle of my bedroom with greasy hair, spit up all down my shirt, and bags under my eyes thinking about Mother's Day (in the month of February!). I said to myself, "I have been doing Mother's Day all wrong my whole life!! My mom deserves more than hanging baskets or an extra long hug and thank you at brunch! She deserves the world!". And I was overcome with emotions of guilt, extreme love, and the want to call her and say that I was sorry.

Tack on a couple months to that moment (plus more sleep!) and I am experiencing more clarity about my thoughts. Just as Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday, I believe Mother's and Father's Day is the same- and unfortunately I did not totally come to this conclusion until I became a mother myself. I now try to make the extra effort to say thank you more often to my mom, ask her to spend the day with me to just enjoy each other's company, hug her extra long, tell her I love her at least every day, etc. Mother's are super human and while I witnessed everything mother's do, it is a totally different ball game going from being a witness to a mother yourself. Sadly it took that drastic change for me to grasp how amazing my mom and all women are who raise other humans.

I am grateful beyond measure to be surrounded by such amazing women.

Because I still believe in making my mom feel extra special on Mother's Day, I will honor her with love, appreciation and a gift. Here are some bright prezzies I thought of to make any mom's day or year a bit easier, healthier, or more relaxed!

Spa Day- Is there anything better than giving the gift of self care and pamper to your busy, hard working mother? I think not! This doesn't have to be a whole seaweed detox wrap combined with a facial if your budget doesn't allow. A simple pedicure with an extra long leg massage will be more than appreciated! Make it extra special by accompanying her and have a glass of bubbly waiting for the both of you.

Concert tickets- I am sure there is nothing more your mom would love than to spend the night with her daughter or son and listen to her fav musician live. If you can't be there, send her significant other a ticket as well and give her a really fun date night!

Gardening basket- If your mom is like mine, then she finds relaxation in gardening. One year I made sure to get my mom all new garden tools paired with a cute "love" rock to dress up her beautiful flowering display. And I made sure to get cute patterns on all of the tools so they brighten up her experience a little more.

Shopping Spree- I have a blast when I go shopping with my mom! A little gift card or two to her favorite stores and your time will have her smiling ear to ear. Don't forget to stop and get a coffee or drink afterwards and gab face to face!

Yoga mat and cleaner- Maybe you are a little tighter on a budget this year, but know your mom is in to fitness (or wants to be!). Find a cute little yoga mat paired with an organic cleaner so she can start up yoga or pilates. If she doesn't belong to a studio, maybe slip in a gift card if you want to go the extra mile!

Cleaning Service- Is your mom overwhelmed with work, household duties and... well, just life? Tell her to kick up her feet and invest in a deep cleaning service. They will spend 5-6 hours scrubbing and polishing everything in sight.

Air Fryer- If your mother likes to cook, but also watches her waistline, I suggest getting her an air fryer! These suckers are like the new vitamix. Maybe show her how the air fryer works by cooking the first meal in it for her on Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you deserving women! xo

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