I'm Nuts About Nuts... Um, Drupes! (Don't do what I did)

I recently started getting the magazine Family Circle in the mail. While I am not one to naturally pick up a magazine and read it, I find myself migrating to it more often than I would have thought. I came across a very short, yet interesting article about nuts and I thought to share- plus add in my own two sense about these tasty little shelled treats.

Did you know that pecans, walnuts and almonds are actually not considered tree nuts? They are called drupes. Drupes consist of an outer skin, a pulpy and succulent middle layer, and a hard and woody inner shell usually enclosing a single seed. Stone fruits like nectarines and cherries are considered drupes as well. Interesting, huh?

I admit that I go nuts over nuts.... um, drupes. I can sit there and pop them in my mouth, fist after fist, without realizing how much I actually consumed. When I was opening my personal training location I always had a small bucket (pick up on that word- bucket) of almonds with me. I was always running around like a chicken without a head and needed a fast and portable snack so I thought almonds would be the perfect thing. Add stress eating on top of the anytime access to my bucket of nuts... buh, drupes... and next thing I know I am ten pounds heavier! Yep, that's right... Within about 2 months I put on TEN pounds!

Pfffttt... I learned a hefty lesson! Now I watch my portion sizes and you can too. Check out how many nuts are the appropriate amount to nosh on...

Almonds- 23 drupes for 130 calories

Peanuts- 28 drupes for 160 calories

Pecan halves- 19 halves for 200 calories

Pistachios- 49 drupes for 160 calories

Walnut halves- 12-14 halves for 190 calories

It is in your best interest to count those suckers! Happy munching :)

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