Learn to Control Your Food Cravings

Listen, I am the number one person to say that my food cravings for chocolate and sweets are strrrrrroooong. But if I want to control them, I know how, and I do. Here are some ways to cut back on those oh so yummy foods you crave when you really should be getting healthier, or maintaining your health, or really just not spending your every waking minute thinking about (insert your fav food here).

-Eat a breakfast that is protein heavy. A meal rich in protein can actually slow down the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates which prevents glucose spikes in your system. That then will reduce your sugar cravings.

-Add healthy fat to your meals to satisfy your gut and brain. Your gut and brain are in constant communication. When you become hungry, your brain instantly goes to the foods you crave (greasy foods, carbs, sweets, crunch, etc). When your gut is fed healthy fat at every meal (and every couple hours), your stomach rarely gets that ravenous feeling. Therefore your brain won't signal you to reach for foods that are not the best for your health or waistline.

-Cut down on carbs, especially in the morning. In the morning, you want to set your hormones up for the day. Your hormones respond to food. If you have pancakes in the morning, you will crave sweets and carbs the rest of the day. Instead you should focus on less carbs and more protein and healthy fat as mentioned previously. This way your hormones will be leveled out and you will crave less foods with little value.

-Focus on produce to fill up the carb void. There are two different types of carbs- simple and complex. Simple carbs are white flours, fried foods, and sugar. Complex carbs are whole wheat and sprouted breads and crackers, oats, plus produce. Complex carbs in bread form are decent to eat, but the best of the best is fresh produce. Produce adds healthy fiber, extreme nutrients and water into your system. Those three things help you crave less junk foods because they add value to your body. When there isn't nutritional value in your body, your body loses control and craves foods that aren't best for you.

-Drink more water. I mean, isn't water a solution for everything?! The more water you drink, the less dehydrated you are. When you are dehydrated, your body thinks it's hungry. When you are hungry, you crave your fav fast foods (I am not necessarily meaning fast food restaurants, although I am, but really just fast processed food... get it?!).

2 examples of healthy breakfasts to set your hormones up for the day AND that are high in protein, have healthy fat and filled with produce are:

2 scrambled eggs with sautéed kale and onions in olive oil with hot sauce.

Protein smoothie: 1 frozen cup of fruit, 1 handful of fresh baby spinach, 1 scoop protein powder and almond milk. Blend

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