Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

Listen, I know full on well that Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks and FEASTING! I get it, you don't want to count calories, watch what you are eating, or limit yourself to anything this particular day. But, I have to recognize that SOME people do.... and I want to honor that. I want to help out that one person that is trying to stay on the healthy track and eat as nutritiously as possible. Below are a couple ways you can do just that, my friend! Either way, try not to stress about food, enjoy the company and put your focus on what really matters... being grateful this season. xo

-50% Mashies, 50% Celery Root.

At one point in my life I very briefly dated a chef. I honestly think I broke it off with him because I just wanted to whip up a simple pb&j instead of waiting 90 minutes for a gourmet lunch to come out of the oven! Anyway, one great thing he taught me was.... celery root (crying emoji here)! He cooked for a couple who was diabetic and needed to watch their carb intake so he showed me the best way to make mashed potatoes without all the starch. Celery root was a great replacement- or it can also be for your guests this Thanksgiving (you can make your mashed potato dish half mashies and half celery root). I doubt anyone would notice- except your waistline!!

Try the recipe here!

-50% Sweet Potato Mash, 50% Carrots

Here is another way to seriously slash the carbohydrate intake during your feast. Make your sweet potato side half mashed carrots. It will only be sweeter without the guilt!

Try the recipe here!

-Hello, Cran Apple Relish!

My family was one that never got down with canned cranberry sauce. We always made it from scratch with the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. To this day, cran relish is one of my fav Thanksgiving sides and I load up on it.

Check it out here!

-Seeya Later, Greenbean Casserole!

Make your ticker a little healthier by skipping the cream sauces in casseroles and enjoy sautéed green beans with olive oil (go ahead, top it with crispy onions!). I am such a fan of this simple, yet classic side dish that only screams health.

-Cheers To Red Wine Berry Spritzer

Berry Spritzers are one of my favs and this low calorie one has my attention! Sip on this delicate treat this Thanksgiving instead of heavier cocktails that are loaded with sugar.

Cheers! Here is your recipe

-Pumpkin Pie Dip, Please!

I have made this so many times this autumn and it is a crowd pleaser. Dunk a couple apple slices in to this goodness and call it a night. Who has room for a whole piece of pecan pie anyway after that meal?! Ps- by doing this you will be saving yourself as many calories as ham and cheese sandwich- gasp!

Here's your new fav dip recipe!

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