I have been honored to speak at a gym and a yoga studio/cafe recently. I spoke about manifesting what you want in life. I went through several action steps you must take to get there (including how to stop sabotaging yourself), but this is one action step I feel inclined to share today with you. Enjoy! ......................... What do you want? ........................ Be very clear with one specific category you want to enhance in your life. Finances, a home, career, love, weight loss.... choose one! Then find yourself a cozy spot, get out your favorite pencil, a piece of paper, and your imagination. Write these things down: 1) Your goal- be as specific as possible 2) How you will fe


Good morning! Today I felt compelled to write about listening to your heart... What does that mean? ... "Listening to your heart?" It means doing what feels right to you regardless of what other's beliefs are (of course it has to be safe for you and others). Doing what excites you. Do what you know you are born to do/be. Or this is a cool one... one day you may wake up and a shift will occur- and that shift will make you so undeniably obsessed with a specific subject, talent, etc. that you know you would be doing a great disservice to yourself if you did not dive deep into your excitement. Our hearts force us to grow. It is healthy to evolve, be curious and live in a sate of wonderment.

Feeling Bored? Read This!

Technology has created a stale society that is leaving people with dusty minds. When technology is not around, taken away, or when someone is actually sick of watching tv, they don't know what to do with themselves. Most likely that person will check in with each person in their house wondering what everyone else is doing. More often than not, everyone else in the house is glued to their own piece of technology... or eating. Being bored is your chance to find out who you really are. I ask so many people what they like to do. And they have no clue! This is the perfect time to find what life has to offer you, and what you can offer it! Most times your talent comes barreling in to your life d

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