How to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is when you become depressed during the changing of the seasons. I have recently talked to many people that have expressed concern about their "winter blues" starting to creep in already. I thought it would be appropriate to offer you action steps as to how you can beat those feelings this winter. But please know, you will not be able to beat the winter blues if you keep thinking about winter in the same way you always have. Start to see the good in these specific months, find new opportunities, and create a different perspective! ........................................ What you ingest is so important. ........................................ Your body love

October Favorites!

I can't figure out if October or December (because of the holidays) is my most preferred month out of the whole calendar year, but because we are in the thick of October, I am going to tell you what my favs have been. And by "favs" I mean my favorite things I have been using, doing, and eating as of late to give me a little lifestyle upgrade. You see, Health with Julie is centered around what you can do to make yourself feel good on the inside, outside and the environment around you. All of these products have helped me in one way or another- big or small- and I am all about sharing the goods when something awesome comes my way. Ironically, some of these products will be given to the winner

How to master being Beyonce and Buddha... @ the same time!

I used to think that living holistically only meant eating organic foods, using all natural cleaning products and walking around in the grass barefoot. I kind of thought that way of life was "granola-y and woo-woo". But, as time went on, I realized that holistic living is so much more... so much less... and so much cooler than I have ever thought. Holistic means emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. Living means having a life and thriving. Today, when the I think of living holistically, I see myself living my truth, being my authentic self and thriving while doing so in my most wholesome form. It feels freeing, light, expressive, expansive, authentic,

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