Be Careful Who You Ask for Directions

This post has been brought to you by Instagram. You know those posts that make your scrolling stop dead in it's tracks? Yup, this one was it. This about slapped me in my face- it is pure gold. I recognize that I have been asking people for advice left and right on subjects and things they have no idea about- and then I seem to be left disappointed by their answer. It is not their fault they do not necessarily know. They just haven't wandered where I am right now. And that is okay. My intention moving forward is to write a list of people under each category of my life where I know they have personal experience in so I can ask advice and take directions. I am not saying I will love their

Things I'm Loving Lately!

Every couple months or so I like to share what I have been using and loving when it comes to my mental and physical health. Here are my newest go-tos! Enjoy! Ps- None of these are ads or affiliate links. Spirulina Natural These awesome little tablets are green algae superfoods packed with antioxidants, protein, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and copper. They help your body fight inflammation and cancer, reduce blood pressure, improve muscle endurance, help control blood sugar levels, and improve symptoms of allergic reactions. I have been taking three pills daily for the past couple of months. I love taking all natural supplements that cover a wide range of vitamins and anti

Jive With Your Environment

Keeping your work space and house clean, open, and filled with high energy is so important for your mind, body and spirit. When it comes to the decor and positive juju people say they feel when they come in to my home, I try pretty hard to keep it inviting, feeling good with positive energy, and little to no clutter around. My husband and I love vibrant colors, a lot of sunlight, pieces we've picked up from traveling that holds great energy, live plants, crystals and a whole lotta love💞 We try to keep it a high vibe environment which means tons of laughter, hugs and Palo santo (we cleanse the energy often) 😜When we were ready to search for a house we wrote down every detail we wanted it t

Feel REALLY Good!

This is one subject my husband and I talk about all the time. We know that manifesting involves having fun, being grateful, and loving where you are at even if you want to grow. Therefore we have shifted our perspective on many situations and watched our mood do a 180. It makes it 99% more possible to reach a goal while you are enjoying the process rather that hating it. It's actually quite magical✨

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