Intuitive Fitness, Functional Fitness and Variety Leads To The Perfect Exercise Routine!

As a fitness professional, I have found the overall best way to get in shape and stay in shape is through functional fitness, intuitive fitness, and variety. Functional fitness trains your muscles for everyday challenges you may face during work, cleaning, sports, activities, etc.. Functional movements challenge your strength, balance, agility, flexibility, speed, and endurance and use many muscle groups all at once. Think of a thruster- that is a squat moving into an overhead press as you stand up. How many times have you dropped something on the floor and had to squat down to pick it up? How many times have you had to place something in a cabinet higher than your head? These workouts

What I Did To Become Unstuck.

About 6 months ago my life was feeling stale, I felt fear creeping in, and I was feeling a bit lost with the direction I wanted to go in (in all directions- family, work, happiness, etc), and harboring a lot of guilt. I knew I needed to shuffle things around and toss out things/people that weren’t bringing positivity into my life. I also needed to redefine what happiness, success, family life and work meant to me. Not to anyone else, but to me. I was getting too wrapped up in seeing highlight reels of other entrepreneurs, new mommies with their 2 year old toddlers, and vacations of Santorini Sunsets that I was losing a sense of who I was. I talked with my husband about it for what felt l

Beat Self Sabotage for Good! (Part 2)

There is a whole other aspect to sabotage that I haven’t touch on- which is fear. Many people will not succeed with their goal because they subconsciously fear the outcome. That may not make sense on the surface because why would you want to create a goal for yourself that you are afraid of? Let me break it down for you. (Again I am going to take the topic of weight loss) Years ago I had a client who wanted to lose 30 pounds. However, she would only lose the same 5-15lbs over and over again. She would never completely lose the whole amount of weight she felt would make her happy and healthy. After a couple years she confronted me and said she has no idea why she is blocked in this aspect

Beat Self Sabotage For Good! (Part 1)

For the sake of this self sabotage article, we are using food and your goal of wanting to lose weight as the primary focus. Believe it or not, the behavior we use to sabotage ourselves with actually starts off in our brain as a positive action step that helps us cope with a negative feeling or situation. Over time that behavior (eating, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, having sex, spending money) turns into a negative action step that winds up hurting you in the immediate and long term future. As a child, we create pain and pleasure points in our mind. For example, when you were a child and lost a soccer game, your parents may have patted you on the back, affirmed that you still did great, a

3 Ingredient Watermelon Lemonade!

I first saw this recipe from the Medical Medium. Have you heard of him? He is a gifted man that communicates with spirit- his spirit team tells him which foods heal the body and which foods to release from your nutrition plan because they actually do more harm than good. Naturally he pushes more fruits and vegetables. He wrote a couple books, and I know a few people that followed his protocol to heal their bodies. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from them. If you are suffering from an illness or disease, I highly recommend you googling him! 🍉🍋 Fill your blender with watermelon chunks, add one inch of fresh ginger (optional) and a healthy squeeze of a lemon. Blend. Pour over ice

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