Tools to Help You Cope With Stress and Worry

Stress and worry may create negative thoughts, sleepless nights, and sickness and depression. Instead of letting the dark side take over your life, here are ways you can cultivate a positive outlook through wellness and self care. Stay on top of your nutrition. Anything you put into your mouth will travel up to your brain. If you are feeding yourself junk, the nutrients will create brain fog, lack of motivation, and depression. Those things do not serve you- especially when you are “going through it”. Healthy foods rejuvenate your energy, help you stay crisp and give you brain power. Try sticking with greens, fruits, healthy fats and proteins. Some examples are spinach, asparagus, berr

Healthy Dinner Ideas For A Hectic Schedule

A friend posted a question on Facebook that raised my eyebrow, “What are some quick and easy school night dinner ideas?” Being curious as to what the long list of answers were, I started to read the comments. Although, she didn’t ask for “healthy and quick” meals, I was still a little shocked by the answers some people gave. I read a ton of comments with the words frozen, cream cheese, tv dinners, grilled cheese, pizza, etc. I wanted to share with you some easy and healthy dinner ideas I have to help make your life a little simpler. Also, if you find yourself super busy, I would love for you to feel fueled and ready to tackle any schedule that awaits you. My husband or myself cooks dinn

Are You The Queen Bee of Being Busy?

Have you ever had intentions to be productive and clean out your packed to the gills medicine cabinet, only to realize two hours later that you were just staying busy testing out all the “almost expired” products and trying on different lip stick colors you forgot you had? Or have you ever had intentions to be productive and clean out your email inbox, but really you were just staying busy by clicking on a gazillion sales links from one enticing Loft email that promised you an awesome deal? It get it, girl. I get it. I can happen to us all. While it is okay to get distracted once in a while, it is not okay to call yourself productive while you are actually not getting anything done off you

Personal Development Podcasts!

When I started working with this one particular company, I was taught the importance of personal development. For thirty minutes a day, they wanted their partners to work on either their skill set or their mindset- that could be in the form of reading a book, listening to an audiobook, podcast, attending a seminar, retreat, etc. I have been doing this daily for the past three years and my life has drastically changed for the better. I started off reading books that helped with my business sense, confidence, understanding relationships, and spirituality. While I still love to have my nose in a book on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, I recognized I am more crunched for time during the week and bo

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