5 Different Ways to Meditate. They may not be what you think.

Mmmmmm, meditation. This act of self care has changed my life. If you read the Success Secret, "Our Personal Story on Preparing for Pregnancy," than you know my husband and I started our serious mediation practice a couple years ago in order to help calm my/our mind. I say serious because I always dabbled with it, but never found ways that totally clicked with me until then. I think it was because I put meditation into a box. I thought it meant sitting up straight with crossed legs, your pointer finger and thumb touching, and just existing with silence. Funny thing is that I do not do that type of meditation at all any more. Not in years in fact. Here are other ways to calm your mind an

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List (Includes recipes and cost effective healthy outing ideas)

Around this time of year, my husband and I love doing all things FALL! However, we know that one major holiday is right around the corner and we enjoy saving our pennies for prezzies rather than emptying our pockets on ourselves. We also know that this time of year creates widening waists (I'm not talking pregnancy!), and larger than life portion sizes of hot chocolate, warm cookies, gooey cheese trays and holiday meats. Because of this, we look for things that cost next to nothing and/or are healthy to do... and we win every year! Check out how we enjoy the season on a budget and keep our health in mind. Maybe it will give you an idea or two! -Go apple picking in the morning and then make

Heightening Your Intuition Through Food

One mistake some people make while trying to engage with their intuition is spending too much time meditating, trying to make contact with their love ones who have passed, or doing rituals, etc. In order to open to your internal gifts, you need to be grounded first. Grounding yourself means spending time and connecting with your own body in very healthy ways. You can do this through journaling your emotions, working out, spending time outdoors, eating the nourishment the earth provides us with, or wear grounding scents like lavendar, cedarwood or ylang ylang. My intuition first sprouted through my work with the body and clean eating. I used exercise as a way to work through my emotions, u

Halloween Healthy Snacks! (For yourself, kids, or a part-ay!)

We were invited to a couple fall events and I didn't want to show up empty handed so I started to research fun and festive Halloween treats- healthy of course! I came across these and wanted to share, but I know I am going to make some of them on the regular instead of just waiting around for a function. I'm drooling over them by the way. I have to mention that they are so super easy, quick, and more healthy than your average halloween candy. Bloody Cups! These vegan and gluten free halloween treats remind me of something a vampire would nosh on. Perfect for a little delicacy and aesthetic look for a Halloween bash food table. And um, hello??.... Who doesn't love a good raspberry fillin

The Secret To Transforming Your life by Danna Yahav

Let me paint a picture. You wake up everyday around 7:00 after hitting your alarm clock 4 times. You stumble out of bed angry with yourself for not waking up earlier to exercise. Ugh. The kids are already up and now you have to rush to get them ready, you ready, their lunches, their snacks, and break up the fighting in between. “Fuck my life.” You get to work and the first thing you think is “ Wasn’t I just here? Another day doing the same shit over and over again. Is this what life is all about?” I am here to tell you that NO. This is not what life is all about. My name is Danna and I help unconfident women breakthrough their passionless, monotonous lives so that they can find themselves, t

Our Personal Story on Preparing for Pregnancy

Heads up.... this is long and one of my most vulnerable Success Secrets EVER! Before I tell you what I did to prep for pregnancy, I feel as though you need to be filled in on the back story as to why I made such decisions and changes to my life in order to concieve. I would say I mentally had a game plan for a very long time about pregnancy- Especially because I knew that the women on my mom’s side of the family all went through menopause at a very young age (early forties). Personally I was never interested in making a time line for myself when it came to life- meaning conjuring up the perfect age for myself to find a romantic partner, get married and have a baby. I just feel that you can

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