Controlling Anxiety

Controlling your anxiety is like working a muscle. The first time you try to do it, you feel defeated, overwhelmed, tired and just exhausted. But the more you work your "self soothing" muscle, the better you become at conquering the whole shebang that accompanies that dreaded "A" word: negative thoughts, incredibly fast heart beat, sweaty palms, nauseousness, shortness of breath, locked muscles, etc. However, let's look at what could possibly be the root of your anxiety. It is all good if you know how to bring yourself down from an anxiety attack, but let's cut out those things that could be causing them all together. -No doubt there are foods, activities and thoughts we engage in on a dai

Don't Be a Stuffed Turkey!

Thanksgiving is usually a holiday people look forward to the most because you gather around with loved ones and feast on the most epic foods of all types of gluttonous portions (this my friends is the beginning of the average 5-12lb weight gain Americans pack on throughout the holiday season). Ugh, I remember the feeling of having to unbutton my pants hoping no one sees, taking a deep breath and straightening my back up against the chair- getting away from my hunched postured because that was pushing the food up to my throat even more. As much as my tastebuds loved those types of Thanksgiving dinners, my body did not and my mind was so full of guilt. One year I vowed to really learn the bes

Hello, 28 Weeks! (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

When it comes to parenthood, I have heard the saying, “The days are long, but the years are fast”. I think I can say the same thing about pregnancy, obviously switching years to months. My pregnancy blog posts have been the most popular Success Secrets so far. I was surprised to see that, but then again... it's personal and it's my journey. And I LOVE reading about other's lives- I can't possibly be the only one! I wanted to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you when it comes to growing my baby thus far. I know a group of women who are thinking about conceiving and will be reading this so please know every body and each pregnancy is different (and I am all about keeping things re

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