Let's Get a Little "Woo-Woo" in 2019! (Detox Your Life of Negative Energy)

I thought this Success Secret would be perfect to post in the beginning of the year because it seems as though we are sweeping out the old cobwebs from 2018 and bringing in new energy for '19! Which, I'd like to say Happy New Year to you! People, places, and thoughts are all made up of energy. There is positive and negative energy everywhere. Why would you want negative energy to encompass your life when you have the ability to shift the atmosphere and make things lighter feeling and happier in your life? The power lies in your hands. Here are ways you can take a stand to make your life drama free and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. People: Some people just have a vibe about them, don’t t

Week 35... Hello, Bump!

Wow. Knowing that our baby can come any week now is beyond surreal. I had major cramps the other day that felt like menstrual cramps. The next day I noticed my bump looked like it was hanging lower than usual. This a sign called lightening, where the baby's head moves closer to the pelvic bone opening- making more room for your lungs, rib cage and stomach to function more normally. They say this is a sign that you may go into labor within 2-4 weeks. We shall see... you read all kinds of stuff. My third trimester has tested me way more than the first. Many people and articles proclaim the first is the worst, second is best and then the third you are just tired and over the expanded bell

Success Secret for 2019

As the new year approaches I wanted to share with you one MAJOR secret to success. I have learned this from evaluating and studying what the most achieved population do daily to reach high levels of joy, health, and wealth. Now, I know you already know this answer because I basically beat this into your ear, but that secret is to fill up your own cup every single day. However, I am going to take that secret one step further and tell you to fill up your cup by creating a consistent routine early in the morning. Usually that comes in the form of exercise, massage, meditation, reading, journaling, stretching.... something that releases stress, raises your energetic vibration, increases your

Your Year End Review

Last year I did something so powerful for my personal and business life that I now make all of my accountability clients do this with their own goals and accomplishments. And because I want you to realize how much of a rockstar you are, I want you to try it too. A Year End Review. What it is? It is taking the time to sit down and reflect on everything you accomplished (big and small) in 2018. You can break down your life into categories if you like (career, finances, relationships, health, etc) or focus your attention on that one big goal you set out for yourself in the beginning of 2018 (maybe paying off debt, losing weight, hiring a new team for work, etc). Either way, start making your

Upgrade Your Holidays FREE Bonus Guide!

Hiya, my beauts! I am in a good mood. You know why? Because I have done even MORE research to bring you only the best content, recipes, and goodies for Christmas. Literally anything holiday related gets me so giddy! I have been on the move baking, shopping, singing, and "sleighing" .... so I wanted to share with you one more guide that can spruce up your home and heart this Christmas. Enjoy! White Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Baws (balls) I have been making Baws (acronym of my old workout studio) for almost seven years now! These suckers used to sell like hot cakes! I made them in so many different flavors, but today I thought to share the most Christmas-y version I have. Plus if yo

Office Body Makeover!

Do you feel you have an "office butt"?? Or slouch a lot from being on the computer? Maybe stiff hips? If so, let’s give you an Office Body Makeover! This is going to take a little dedication on your part, but if you follow the advice given, you will start to see and feel a difference in no time! Ready for this? You can do this a couple ways. Block off 45 minutes minutes three days per week and do the strengthening exercises plus the yoga all at once... or break it up. Do the yoga two days and the strength workout the other two/three days. Just promise to get at least one yoga workout in and two strength training workouts in each week (again- AT LEAST!). Commit and reshape! Have you ever

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