Upgrade Your Cup of Joe

Not many people I come across can start their day without a rich cup of hot steamy coffee. I can personally relate on the ritualistic standpoint of it- hearing the coffee pot hiss and gurgle, sipping it slowly in the morning, enjoying the taste, wrapping your hands around a warm mug, and taking time to breathe through your to do list for the day. But if I am drinking coffee, it is decaf and that's it. Caffeine and myself don't get along too well and I am okay with that. However, whichever your preference, caffeinated or non, we could all do a better job (I am sure of it) on making our mug of pure bliss a little bit healthier for our bodies. Here are some tips when it comes to coffee... The

"Release, Not Reverse"

Here are four simple secrets that may help you take a giant leap forward in your life by simplifying, releasing, focusing and igniting. -Stop focusing on the things that aren't working. Many times I will beat my head against the wall when I am trying to reach a goal (or anything in life really- relationships, work, etc) and it is not working. I focus on it so hard because I just don't understand why I am not producing and it get's under my skin. But what does that do? Nothing but make me a basket case and I tend to hit the reverse button and drive myself off a cliff! My motto this year is "Release, Not Reverse" ... and move on. Maybe that route you have been demanding yourself to stay

Mason Jar Surprise!

In no way can I take credit for this idea- I actually saw it on Facebook (gosh, where else?!) and I absolutely thought it was lovely- especially because Valentine's Day is this week! If you have a hard time giving back to yourself, feeling put together, ticking things off your random to-do list, or just enjoying the little things in life, I highly suggest you take this idea and run with it! Count how many weeks there are left in the year. Cut up that many pieces of paper and write one task on each piece of paper that will make you feel better about yourself or your life. Place them into the mason jar and then on the same day of every week, reach your hand in and randomly pick a piece of p

Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

I wanted to share with you a couple common mistakes I see people make and then become frustrated when they can not lose weight/tone up. These are a bit more outside the box than your normal, "You aren't eating enough vegetables and fruits" answers. (This is for your every day choices. Once in a while, we all stray away for a meal or day and that is ok. Just get back on track as soon as you can.) -Too often people equate exercise with their food intake. Many people will get in a great workout and think they burned enough calories to justify and "deserve" to fulfill their cravings. Therefore, they go overboard and treat themselves way too much. The truth is... most likely you did not burn en

What I Ate.

One of the reasons why members of our accountability group like being in the private Facebook feed is to see what everyone eats on a daily basis to get to their goals. I have had a couple people mimic exactly what myself and other coaches/members consumed... and lost weight. It gave them an idea as to how much you should eat, how often to eat, and what nourishing your body on a consistent daily basis looks like (with some treat yourselves thrown in there). I thought to give you a couple examples of what I eat in a day. Now remind you... as I write this I am 10 months pregnant! However, not much about my consumption has changed because my stomach is so extremely squished. I have no opti

Feeling Tired? Ways To Prevent or Reverse Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of signs and symptoms that rear their ugly head when your adrenal glands function below their necessary levels. While adrenal fatigue is most commonly associated with intense stress, it can also arise during or after infections (especially respiratory infections such as the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia). While you may look and act relatively normal with adrenal fatigue (although you may possibly have a blueish/purplish hue under your eyes or excess weight around your middle), you do live with a general sense of overall tiredness, gray feelings, intense cravings, mood swings, anxiety, or like something is just really off (without being able to put your finge

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? This is a must read!

I love love love seeking out more wisdom, therefore I listen to podcasts, attend seminars, and read books whenever I can. At a recent seminar, the motivational speaker asked the crowd this question... "Raise your hand if you are a personal development junkie! Keep your hand up. Now out of everyone who has their hand up, how many of you actually apply to your life the lessons, quotes and advice you read or hear?" 70% of the hands go down. Honest bunch that was... As a personal trainer and life coach, I could relate that percentage to the percentage of people I have helped who have made a change in their life and kept going with it years later. I used to beat myself up and think it was my fa

Some Of My Favorite (Pregnancy) Things

I personally did not need much to get me through my first 16-ish weeks of my pregnancy besides food, ginger chews and water! I am thinking many can relate. Once that changing body truly hits though... I was on the hunt for things that made my life easier and more comfortable. One person that helped me out greatly was my best friend in Washington who just had her baby. I heard a knock on my doorstep one day and a 20lb box of all her favs were in there- new and lovingly used! I have to say, she had some great taste because I am recycling some of her suggestions to you! 1. This belly rub concoction: Or really I should say "whole body concoction" because I slather my chest, belly, lower ba

A Different Vow of Self Love

"I am afraid you may have Interstitial Cystitis and Vestibular Vulvodynia." Pause. "Honey, I need you to urinate in this cup to see if there is any blood in your urine." I was 23 years old sitting on the OBGYN table by myself with my doctor staring at me holding out a cup and declaring my diagnosis after hearing the list of complications I was suffering from on an almost daily basis. The only problem was as soon as I heard the word "interstitial," her voice turned into Charlie Brown's teacher's voice. "Wah waaah waaah wah," was the only thing I heard while the room started spinning and I began to have hot flashes. So much so that I left a puddle of sweat on the white paper they put under

Snack Your Way Into 2019

Snacking is essential in keeping your metabolism high. I am a snacker through and through and feel this has helped me lose weight in the past. Some people do not understand why they can not lose weight. For the broad population, I usually have to ask them one question... "How many times do you eat in one day?" They usually respond with one to three times. To me that means their portion sizes are either too big or their meals are way too calorically dense. Making meals a lot smaller and adding in a couple snacks throughout the day (1-3) allows your metabolism to function optimally and at a higher level (burn the food you eat plus body fat). Grab and Go snacks: The grab and go snacks listed a

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