Epic Easter Eats!

Honey glazed caramelized ham, sweet and savory pineapple stuffing, roasted corn, baked parmesan asparagus and mixed baby greens with strawberries and poppyseed dressing just scream Easter to me! Almost every year you would see these amazing dishes presented on our family's buffet waiting for us to gather together and start plating. Oh, and we can't forget about the braided Challah bread... or the creamy chocolate eggs with the hard candy shell and carrot cake for dessert. Wow. I'll be right back, I have to go wipe the drool off my chin ;) Just in case those ideas don't have your fingers googling their recipes already, I will hook you up with some more delish dishes to help make your East

Feel Spring Chic Without Much Effort

Lately I have been sitting in spit up and sweat pants, however I am determined to spruce myself up and feel good this season. I am sharing my simple game plan to get myself Spring Chic in hopes that my journey may give you a tip or two to incorporate into your own routine. But let's face it- these days I don't have much time so I am simplifying (but upgrading) my routine. Ginger lemon water- I am bringing this back into my life! Ginger is anti-inflammatory, lemon alkalizes the body and water helps shed weight. This is the perfect hydrating concoction to sip on to help slim down and feel healthy inside and out. Plus it helps give your skin a gorgeous glowy look. Bonus- make sure to drin

Spring Reading From Nature's Whispers!

Before you read, please pick a card: Left, Middle or Right and do not waiver on your decision! Can you believe today is the first day of Spring? I am giddy with excitement over here! I can not wait to get outside more and enjoy the warm sun on my face. In honor of nature changing and everything starting to bloom, I wanted to see where I should be focusing my intentions to let my inner sun shine. ...And I thought I would share this fun little reading with you as well! I often like to shuffle my Nature's Whispers cards and ask the universe to guide me to pull the right card for what my needs are that day, month or season. Now I can understand how this may sound silly to some, but how can

21 Day Fix Thai Carrot Curry Soup

In our Accountability Group on Tuesday, we all shared a new recipe. It was great to see what everyone's taste buds prefer and how in depth each person likes to get in the kitchen. I'm a simple gal so I found a recipe that was more on the easy side, but looked like it packed a delicious punch! Oh... and each recipe had to be gentle on the waistline! The picture is from the blog Carrie Ellie, but the recipe is Beachbody! 21 Day Fix Thai Carrot Curry Soup Ingredients 1 lb carrots peeled and chopped 4 cups low-sodium fat-free chicken broth 1/2 cup diced onion 3 cloves garlic finely diced 1 tablespoon avocado or extra virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons peanut butter if you have enough teaspoons, in

Fluff Up Your Bed Time Routine

I was reminded about two weeks before I gave birth (at a healing group I am a part of) just how necessary self pampering is- at any stage in life. Some of the women offered really great advice and I wanted to share with you. All of these tips revolve around surrendering to your busy day and calming your mind so you are freshly ready for some well deserved shut eye. Ps- To be completely honest, I used to read things like this in magazines and think, "yeah that's nice".... but never do them (unless I was 13 and at a sleepover- hello face masks!). It wasn't until I had a little one that I realized even 5 minutes of self care can make you feel so much better mentally, emotionally and physica

How I Am Staying Centered During A Huge Transition

Having a baby is a bagged of mixed emotions for me. There is magic, warmth, deep love, and expansion. And in the same breath there are challenges, restrictions, and... tears. Our Wesley boy has been encountering some health obstacles. We originally thought it was colic and digestive problems, but after waking up to see a rash and breakouts all over his body one morning (and rushing to the pediatrician), we learned more about what has been making him so unhappy. He has lower digestive tract issues (his diapers informed us of that!), a severe allergy to milk and soy, and slight reflux. Sleepless days and nights, extreme crying bouts and breakouts have us a bit drained, but I am thankful

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