Juice or Smoothie?

Insta-stories are fun to me because you get to see little glimpses into other people's lives. Well, at least what they want to share. I really enjoy sharing my health journey with everyone as it is a large part of my life, helps keep me accountable and I've heard that it helps to motivate others as well. That's pretty cool! Since I often show what I eat, one question I get asked fairly regularly from my stories is, "I see you juicing and drinking smoothies almost daily. Which is better?". I pause. Oh, friend. That's hard for me to pick! I will break it down for you though and you can decide on which is better for YOU. Juicing- Juicing floods your body with nutrition immediately becaus

Postpartum- The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I am now two and a half months postpartum. If I were to give a rounded out answer as to how I am feeling, it would be good. But if you asked me to break everything down, you'll notice there is a reason why I say a "rounded out answer"... there are definitely some lows mixed in with the highs. As always I like to keep it real so here is the down low of what my mind and body are experiencing since giving birth. The Good Mentally I am feeling really good. Besides the random tear from something so absurd (hearing a disney song that reminded me of childhood- hello, hormones!) or the brief, but scary thought that I am now responsible for another human... I have not swayed from my normal self m

Purge Your Security Blanket

We are Spring Cleaning our bodies and minds in our current accountability group- specifically purging our security blankets. What do I mean by that? Well, a security blanket is something you think, a habit you have, or an action you partake in that keeps you "safe"... stuck, unmotivated. For example, my security blanket is chocolate. I am a self proclaimed chocaholic. I buy bite sized chocolate candy and keep them in dishes around my house. A couple times per day, I will walk by and pick one up. After lunch, before I walk out the door, while I am cooking dinner, etc. Now, I am all about treating yourself, but this chocolate is, more times than not, eaten on top of my little treat for th

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