Jealous Much?

When I was asked to write a Success Secret on jealousy I thought, "hmm, brilliant". Sometimes I get too wrapped up in, "What should I write about?" without asking YOU what you want. So if there is ever a subject you want me to touch on, please ask. After all, these are for you (well, and a little for me. I enjoy writing. Wink.). So, is it jealousy or envy you are experiencing? These two can get mixed up pretty easily so I wanted to break them down for you: Jealousy: When you are afraid something you currently posses is going to be taken away from you from an outsider. For example, if you are the number one cheerleader in the squad and a new girl was just recruited (which has the pote

How To Intuitively Eat

I enjoy eating intuitively. I have tried almost every diet out there and I found myself starving, obsessing, gaining weight or in a foul mood on every single one of them. Eating intuitively has given me freedom from guilt, respect for myself, the space in my mind to think about other things, and the ability to nourish my body how it wants. If you have never done it before and always followed a diet, I urge you to try it out. It may take a little while to get down, but once you do... it is invigorating and makes you feel like you can actually enjoy food again. Here are some key points to keep in mind while intuitively eating. -Respect your body: Learn to develop a new relationship with you

I'm Nuts About Nuts... Um, Drupes! (Don't do what I did)

I recently started getting the magazine Family Circle in the mail. While I am not one to naturally pick up a magazine and read it, I find myself migrating to it more often than I would have thought. I came across a very short, yet interesting article about nuts and I thought to share- plus add in my own two sense about these tasty little shelled treats. Did you know that pecans, walnuts and almonds are actually not considered tree nuts? They are called drupes. Drupes consist of an outer skin, a pulpy and succulent middle layer, and a hard and woody inner shell usually enclosing a single seed. Stone fruits like nectarines and cherries are considered drupes as well. Interesting, huh? I

Mother's Day Gifts

I feel like I am overcome with emotion as I sit to write this Success Secret. I remember when Wesley was just about three weeks old, I stood exhausted in the middle of my bedroom with greasy hair, spit up all down my shirt, and bags under my eyes thinking about Mother's Day (in the month of February!). I said to myself, "I have been doing Mother's Day all wrong my whole life!! My mom deserves more than hanging baskets or an extra long hug and thank you at brunch! She deserves the world!". And I was overcome with emotions of guilt, extreme love, and the want to call her and say that I was sorry. Tack on a couple months to that moment (plus more sleep!) and I am experiencing more clarity

Becoming Aware Of Your Habits

In Charles Duhigg's book, The Power Of Habits, he describes habits as a way our brains perform familiar activities unconsciously so we can save energy for other tasks. Habits become so ingrained into who we are and a natural part of our day that we don't even realize we have lost control over the conscious decision to do them. Let me break down two different habits: A positive and negative one. Let's take making our bed in the morning, for example. This is a positive habit that we do unconsciously as soon as we get out of it. While pulling the covers up and putting pillows on the bed, we have the freedom in our mind to think of other things, mentally check off boxes in our head and creat

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