Acts of Faith

My sister took me to see Iyanla Vanzant, a spiritual life coach, last Thursday night at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia. We walked away with some amazing golden nuggets about Faith. This girls night out will sit with me in my mind, heart and gut for life. I had tears rolling down my face within the first five minutes of the lights dimming, chills up and down my spine from the emotion Iyanla revealed through her authenticity, and the "aha" moments I received had my hand cramping from furiously taking notes... And to witness this all with my best friend? Priceless. Let me share some of the wisdom that we were graced with that night. Faith. Fearlessly Allowing It To Happen. "It" can b

Don't Be An All Or Nothing Person

The Transform III program just came to an end on Sunday night. Each year I feel as though the program gets deeper and tighter- and this year just blew me away. Way before the program starts, I sit down and design an outline of what information and knowledge I can share to help someone on their journey of transformation. However, what I can never predict is how much and what the group will grasp on to- meaning specific words and actions over others. One bit of advice I have given to the ladies in all three groups over the years (and they ran with) is, "If you are an all or nothing person, you most likely are a nothing person." Think about that for a second. Let me paint you a picture. It's 5

Father's Day Gift Guide

When I think about Father’s Day, I immediately think about what men (especially my Dad and husband) like to do to have a little fun or to help release some stress from their life. Here are some great gift ideas to help expand their time alone, enjoy working out, or have fun with friends/family. Comedy Club Gift Card: Ok, what dude doesn’t like to laugh? I gave my husband a Helium Comedy Club gift card a couple times throughout our time together and he just loves it! It makes for a fun Saturday night out with friends. Cross Training Tee: Do you have a fit Dad in your life? These Lululemon tees are the best. Click here Williams & Sonoma Monogrammed Steak Brander: I once was at a bbq wh

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