What I'm Loving Lately

I haven't done a "What I'm Loving Lately," Success Secret in a long time so I thought I was due for one. I wouldn't call this the summer addition because I am all over the place with products that remind me of winter scents or recipes that definitely fall under the autumnal category. But you know what, when you love something, you love it and will consume or use it all the time! Enjoy! Thieves Essential Oils- This little all natural potion is magic. Not only does it smell of a rich spicy aroma- like Christmas (clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils create this awesome blend), but it cleans up the simplest (Wesley) dribbles or the heaviest gunk stuck

Healthy Body List

By doing these these specific tasks daily, you will feel really good. I mean really good- body, mind and spirit. Aim to check off 80% of these tasks daily. Warm lemon water- Drinking warm lemon water as soon as you wake up (on an empty stomach) is important because it increases your metabolism, alkalizes your body and aids in better digestion throughout the day. Morning stretch- It is important to wake up each morning and get your stretch on. Stretching first thing does a couple of things: Increases your circulation and creates an energy flow within your body Promotes greater flexibility Releases old energy and emotions that are stuck in the hips and spine Gives your mind a moment to be si

Life With A 5 Month Old

Ok, so I am becoming obsessed with my baby. Not that I didn't love him before, I just didn't love the newborn stage for him, Mike or myself really. I am sure you have heard me say this before, but the first couple weeks were just hard for us all- Wesley barely slept night or day, was in pain most of the time and cried a lot. That time in my life taught me patience, how to nurture more than I ever have, how to survive (basically off little to no sleep) and endurance. I am grateful for that time because I did transform and learned a lot about myself, but boy am I glad to welcome month 5! Wesley is a feisty little boy that knows what he wants and will not stop until he gets it! He is curre

Are You A Swamp or River?

The teachings of Acts Of Faith continues by Iyanla Vanzant. Are you living in a swamp or a river when it comes to your thoughts and energetic field? A swamp is thick, murky, stinky, deep, collects things, and never releases a single thing. Is that your mind and energy? Do you collect and hold on to things other people say or have done to you? Do you replay situations over and over in your mind without resolving them? Have you beaten yourself up over a moment in your life where you disappointed yourself? Do you keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results? It sounds like, you my friend, are living in a swamp. It is time to break out your shovel and dig d

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