25 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

I wanted to create weekly brain dumps (Success Secrets) to stay connected to all of you, but also to share any information, wisdom, or tricks I have collected and use in my daily life in hopes you may use them too! I realize I don't share too many personal posts in the Success Secrets section, but when I do, they are the ones people gravitate to the most. So, I thought to bring my personality and character to the forefront this week and highlight things about me you may not know. 1. I am a bit freakish about germs. I think I wash my hands a little too much. 2. I am very close with my family and feel incredibly blessed. I talk to my mom and sister almost daily on the phone (and they onl

Battery Operated Life

You are the battery operator of your life. You literally have to recharge yourself every day, or who am I kidding, every couple of hours in order to stay balanced. What do I mean by balanced? Well, sane- Level headed, feeling fresh and energized, in tune with your intuition and happy. Here are simple things you can do all throughout your day to help recharge your battery energetically. -Wake up 5 minutes early to set an intention for the day and stretch. -Before you go in to work set a gratitude alarm for a random time to go off during your day. You never know when you will need to pause, take a breath, and think about what you are grateful for in that moment. It may catch you during a

Learn to Control Your Food Cravings

Listen, I am the number one person to say that my food cravings for chocolate and sweets are strrrrrroooong. But if I want to control them, I know how, and I do. Here are some ways to cut back on those oh so yummy foods you crave when you really should be getting healthier, or maintaining your health, or really just not spending your every waking minute thinking about (insert your fav food here). -Eat a breakfast that is protein heavy. A meal rich in protein can actually slow down the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates which prevents glucose spikes in your system. That then will reduce your sugar cravings. -Add healthy fat to your meals to satisfy your gut and brain. Your gut and bra

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