Healthy Alternatives To Coffee

Girlfriend, put down the pot a cawfee! You do not need ANOTHER cup! If you find yourself living off of caffeine, you may be doing a number on your mental and physical health by creating more stress in your body. "Studies in humans have shown that caffeine increases cortisol and epinephrine at rest, and that levels of cortisol after caffeine consumption are similar to those experienced during an acute stress. Drinking coffee, in other words, re-creates stress conditions for the body." -Precision Nutrition Yikes! Now I don't think coffee all together is a bad thing, but if you are someone who reaches for more then one cup of coffee per day, check out these other alternatives to choose from (t

Healing Sickness Naturally

Oh boy. Last week the whole Kraus house was hit pretty darn hard by a virus that loooooved hanging out with us. Fevers, body aches and chills, head fog, cough, runny/stuffy noses.... I mean, the whole shebang. It knocked us for a loop and my gosh does it take all the strength in the world to care for a sick babe while you feel just as ill. And what happened to babies that want to snuggle when they feel sick? Wesley wanted to do all the things he naturally does, but just cry through it... and be picked up... and put down... Oh he was so confused and it was so sad. Anyway, I remember a couple of years ago I had this similar virus and my doctor recommended not taking too much over the cou

Oops! I messed Up. Now What?

Labor day evening I received three text messages from friends/clients who feel as though they royally "messed up" over the weekend and wanted to know what their next move should be. To clarify, messed up means they ate way too much food, drank a decent amount of alcohol, and did not exercise. To be honest, I partied a little too hard myself as Mike and I were at a wedding and it was our first kidless night- cue all the dancing and all the beer! However, the next day I let my body recover and detox. So if you ever find yourself in the same position as us, here are a couple things you can do to get yourself right back on track. 1. Hydrate. Flush your body with water- and fancy water is eve

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