Spice Up Your Salads This Fall

Color, crunch and spice comes to mind when I think of fall food. Naturally I try to purchase produce that is in season, but since I eat salads almost daily, I wanted to revamp my sexy salad menu to delicious and nutritions autumn and winter options with a twist. I am sprucing it up a bit more than normal because I wanted to experience a larger change than just swapping out foods that are tossed in boring lettuce. Here ways you can spice up your salads this season too: -Shave your vegetables and use that as your base instead of lettuce. Who doesn't like an intensely crunchy salad? Set your mandoline to the thinnest setting and use veggies such as brussel sprouts, beets, cabbage, carrots,

How To Prep For Race Day

Hi, Runners! Do you have a race scheduled? Here are some things I shared with my Pumpkin Runners that you can do to prepare yourself before any race to feel strong and have a steady mind going in to the event! -Start hydrating seriously one week before your race! Don't wait until the day of to drink more water. Your time will improve if your body is nice and hydrated. Drink half your body weight in ounces (so if you weigh 150lbs, drink 75 ounces) and then maybe even tack on one more cup! -Eat every couple of hours the week before your race to make sure your body has enough fuel to finish your race strongly. Hydrating and fueling begins a couple days before your race, not just the meal befo

How I Changed Since Becoming A Mom

Mike and I try to go on a date night once a month and we just recently went out to dinner together. We got on the topic of how we have individually changed since having Wesley eight and a half months ago and as I was talking, I was surprised by how many different shifts I have made in my life- for the better. -I find joy in the simplest things again. I need to think on a baby's level in order to play with him so I naturally imagine more and look for laughter and excitement in the smallest things. I in turn, find my self being happier most of the time and just can not stand his little laugh. My heart is swollen. -I created more boundaries within my personal life. Now I only have so much

Galloween Party!

I have always wanted to throw the most epic Halloween party ever! Each year it seems as though I am getting closer and closer to doing so, but I wanted to give you some inspiration in case you wanted to throw a high vibe Halloween party for just your girlfriends this year! I mean, why wait for Friendsgiving... why not have a Galloween Party?! I am realizing just how important it is for your mind and soul to carve out fun time with women that lift you up! So this week's Success Secret is all about spending time with the chicks in your life where you can peel your mask off and not have to dress up to feel your best around! This idea was inspired by a couple of things: -My love for Halloween

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