How To Work Through Negative Emotions

Lately I have been asked what I do personally when things get tough- when I doubt myself, fear sets in and I become anxiety ridden. That alone is a whopper of a question and I naturally took a deep breath, but I knew exactly how to answer it. I essentially do five main things. 1. I release the heavy emotions. Emotions sit in your body until you release them. As we age, we tend to keep things bottled up more, which is the opposite of what we should be doing. You become a swap if you never address the heaviness. Remember that article? For me, exercising helps to release the negative or stale emotions that are sitting in my body. I typically need to do something that gets my heart rate up

Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

Listen, I know full on well that Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks and FEASTING! I get it, you don't want to count calories, watch what you are eating, or limit yourself to anything this particular day. But, I have to recognize that SOME people do.... and I want to honor that. I want to help out that one person that is trying to stay on the healthy track and eat as nutritiously as possible. Below are a couple ways you can do just that, my friend! Either way, try not to stress about food, enjoy the company and put your focus on what really matters... being grateful this season. xo -50% Mashies, 50% Celery Root. At one point in my life I very briefly dated a chef. I honestly t

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