Take A Breath

There is a time and a place for almost everything, right? This specifically rings true for health and wellness of the body. Since being in the fitness field for over sixteen years now, I have seen many exercise fads come and go. Right now we are in the heat of all things done fast, heavy, and/or to the extreme. In 2020 I urge you to slow it down a little bit and feel the difference in your body. In my opinion, too many people are beating their bodies in to the ground and not receiving the results they are looking for- mainly because their body is holding on to inflammation, their cortisol levels are too high, and they are eating too much because their bodies are demanding more calories

2020 Habits

Happy New Year! I recently read a great little article about focusing on habits in the new decade rather than setting so many goals. I thought that was actually brilliant as habits can be set for life (if you want them to be) and goals mostly have a beginning and end to them (and can often keep you in a box). After thinking back to 2019, I realized that I did just that- I created small habits to keep myself on track during a such large transition of having a baby and created some really great momentum in my life. But this article made me think deeper about goals vs habits. When you have a goal in mind, it does give you a direction- it is usually specific, measurable, and time based. How

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