From Winter To Spring

I am nudged to write a little Success Secret about foods, movement and self awareness activities that you can indulge in (right now) to do two things for yourself: Help beat the winter blues and spring yourself forward to feel fabulous for the warmer weather! Nutrition: Intuitively these foods have been calling out to me in my mind to eat more of and to tell others how good they are for you as well (especially right now). Arugula- This peppery lettuce supplies a good source of calcium, iron, and magnesium. Plus it has Vitamin B, A and C. All of these properties clean out your colon, give you energy and add a spring into your step. Avocados- These plump fruit are excellent in helping your b

Wesley Is One! What I Did Not Realize About Parenting Before I Became A Mom...

My cutie pie turned one a couple days ago! Phew... what a year it has been. Being a mom to Wesley is purely the best role I have ever stood in. I love it and I.... I .... well, it forces me to compartmentalize my time/work/energy/personal life more than ever before. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely... and that is why we are thinking of adding another one to our family- sometime. I even said to Mike the other day that I'd like a little Kraus Tribe (who would have thought?!). I knew starting a family was going to be the hardest yet most rewarding job ever (because that's what everyone said) and I knew I was going to be tired (because that's what everyone said) and I knew that I was

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