Growth During Silence

I can not believe it has been six plus months since I have written a Success Secret. What can I say other than I feel as though so much has been happening- hence the silence from me. I feel as though Covid has hit everyone in completely different ways, yet all in the same ways. During the beginning of quarantine, my husband and I found ourselves working from home, like many, while managing a toddler because we took him out of daycare. We both had an upswing in business and while we felt incredibly blessed and fortunate, it was a large struggle to navigate. I had to prioritize what needed to happen most and that meant newsletters/success secrets/social media posts went on the back burner

What I Have Been Loving Lately- Health Addition

I decided to put together a little list of all the health products/activities I have been engaging with because I feel like I should share the love- if I enjoy something, why not tell you about it! Barre and Prenatal Barre Program on Beachbody on Demand I have done this every week since the start of my pregnancy- at least two times per week and I L O V E it! Those little 3-5lb weights do not let you down. Oh my gosh, my muscles scream! Admittedly I can gain muscle pretty quickly in certain areas of my body so when I know that my body will be storing body fat from carrying a little one, I adjust the way I move my body. I don't want to feel bulky while pregnant and when I lift heavy while

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